Consulting with Our Specialists

There are many hats that I have worn through the years; and many interest that I do.

I originally got into web design to allow my art to reach a larger audience.

I got my first computer as a senior in high school; and have never looked back.

I discovered graphic design as an extension of my art and web/design became a fascination of mine.

I am an entirely self taught web, and graphic designer.

If you need reassurance look at my portfolio.

I pride myself in staying up with the current trends in design - computer arts.

I have studied many things in the computer world; and have a diverse skill set.

I want to continue to learn and improve upon past knowledge.

People want to win. Clients want to be superior to their competition; or offer something the other folks don't.

I can help you get the search engine results you want.

I can help you get a YouTube video on the web, setup a face book fan page, or maintain parts of your own website.

Ultimately it is your dream that guides you; but I will offer ideas to you and the reasons behind them.

There are several advertising sites I am in the process of developing, which would benefit many different types of businesses.